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Tarsius Pharma will present at the 4th Annual Sonoma Eye Conference results of its Phase I/II trial of TRS01 targeting Uveitis

12 December, 2020

Tarsius Pharma announces presentation at the 4th Annual Sonoma Eye Conference

The presentation marks the first time the results of its Phase I/II trial of TRS01, targeting Uveitis, will be discussed at one of the uniquely focused conferences on ocular inflammatory diseases. It will be featured at the upcoming 4th Annual Sonoma Eye Conference, taking place virtually, on December 12th ,2020, and January 9th and 30th, 2021. The paper “Tuftsin-Phosphorycholine for treatment of non-infectious anterior Uveitis: results of a phase I\II trial “, will be presented by Dr. Chu, principal investigator at the trial.

“We are excited to present with partners and colleagues the data from our successful Proof of Concept study, at this prestigious conference,” said Dr. Ron Neumann, Chief Medical Officer at Tarsius. “Our TRS01 therapy for non infectious anterior Uveitis showed promising results in the phase I\II study and these advance us in our mission to help uveitic glaucoma patients save their eye sight. Sonoma Eye Conference is a suitable occasion to discuss this scientific progress with the highest-level experts.”

About the Sonoma Eye Conference

The Sonoma Eye Conference is a meeting uniquely focused on research, diagnosis, and treatment of ocular diseases with inflammation as the root cause. It combines various subspecialties including ophthalmology, rheumatology, immunology, and pharmacotherapy to foster discussion on the role of inflammation: how ocular tissues are affected, from cornea to choroid, and how diseases may be manifested, from uveitis to diabetic macular edema to geographic atrophy.

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