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Tarsier Pharma, in Collaboration with Uveitis Experts, Published a Research Article about a New Grading Image Scale for Assessing Uveitis

July 28, 2021

Tel-Aviv, Israel – July 28, 2021 – Tarsier Pharma, a late clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics to treat patients with blinding ocular diseases, today announced the publication of a research article that was produced in collaboration with uveitis Key Opinion Leaders, including Prof. de Smet, Prof. Cunningham, Dr. Newmann, and Dr. Kramer.

The article, Tarsier Anterior Chamber Cell Grading: Improving the SUN Grading Scheme with a Visual Analog Scale, was published as Open Access in July 2021 in the journal Ocular Immunology and Inflammation. It describes the development of Tarsier Grading Image Scale (TGIS) to improve grading of Anterior Chamber Cells (ACC) by slit lamp bio-microscopy.

Grading ACC is critical to judging the severity of ocular inflammation (uveitis) and in monitoring its response to therapy. While the number of inflammatory cells in the anterior chamber has been empirically evaluated by generations of ophthalmologists, agreement among investigators was limited regarding the severity of inflammation.

TGIS is a visual analog scale, that graphically represents a high-power field slit beam through the anterior chamber, from the cornea to the lens surface. A number of inflammatory cells are randomly distributed in the slit beam at the upper end of each grade. The investigator is required to find the best match between his findings and the visual scale. Research results show TGIS reduce interobserver variability.

“Visual analog scales are commonly used in medicine, as they add reliability and consistency to observations. They also have the advantage of low cost and are easy to implement in a variety of settings. I hope the new TGIS analog scale will be adopted by all interested in assessing anterior chamber inflammation in research and clinical practice”, said Prof. de Smet, a uveitis expert and author of the article.

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About Tarsier Pharma

Tarsier Pharma, established in 2016, is focused on developing TRS, a breakthrough, bio-inspired platform technology for treatment of blinding ocular diseases.

The company’s investors include a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, BioLight Life Sciences Ltd, as well as private investors and family offices. The company has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under grant agreement No. 879598.

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