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Bridging the Gender Gap in Scientific Innovation: Tarsier's CEO, Dr. Daphne Haim-Langford, is interviewed in Oppenheimer's "Let’s Talk Future™" podcast about women in scientific innovation

21 March, 2022

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 21, 2022 – Tarsier Pharma‘s Founder & CEO, Dr. Daphne Haim-Langford, has participated in episode 36 of Oppenheimer’s “Let’s Talk Future™” podcast, published on March 18.

The “Let’s Talk Future™” podcast series of Oppenheimer investment bank, brings timely and relevant conversations with thought leaders and industry experts. Dr. Daphne Haim-Langford has been interviewed for its 36th episode, by Dr. Stefan Loren, Managing Director of Life Sciences Investment Banking.

In this episode, called “Bridging the Gender Gap in Scientific Innovation,” Dr. Stefan Loren and Dr. Daphne Haim-Langford discuss women leading innovation and medical breakthroughs. By blending personal narrative with revelatory achievements, together, they take a closer look at Daphne’s life as a trailblazing female scientist, and what it means for the future of women in medicine.

The podcast is available in this link and on all major podcast platforms.

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