For patients in the US only

TRS4Vision is a Phase 3 clinical trial of an investigational, steroid-free eye drop (TRS01) in the treatment of subjects with active non-infectious anterior uveitis including subjects with uveitic glaucoma. Throughout the duration of this randomized, double-masked study, the safety and efficacy of TRS01 eye drops will be evaluated and compared to standard of care steroid eye drops. Participation is limited to subjects 75 years of age or younger (including children of all ages) who have active non-infectious anterior uveitis and are currently without treatment or on a stable dose of their current treatment. Subjects will be followed for 6 weeks over the course of 5- 6 office visits.

To learn if you are eligible to the trial answer the questions below or send an email to:

For the full list of US study centers

Eligibility questionnaire for patients:

Please note your answers for the following questions on your medical condition will not be retained in any way. Only if you indeed qualify for the clinical trial, based on your answers, then only your contact details and location of residence in the US will be shared with the clinical trial team, so that we can contact you and discuss your potential participation in the trial.

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