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Challenges in Uveitic Glaucoma Treatment: ARVO Special Interest Group

The Session Recording Will Be Available By The End Of 2023

Tarsier Pharma invites thought leaders to an interesting viewing of a recording from a thought-provoking session on “Uveitic Glaucoma: Challenges with Treatment” hosted by the ARVO Special Interest Group.

During this enlightening session, Dr. Ron Neumann, Tarsier Pharma CMO moderated the session with renowned experts in the field of uveitis and glaucoma that joined forces to explore the intricacies of treating uveitic glaucoma. The discussion delved into various case studies and shared invaluable data from the SITE, offering unique insights from both uveitis and glaucoma specialists and highlighted the severity of the diseases.

We believe anyone who is interesting in blinding diseases will greatly benefit from the wealth of knowledge and perspectives presented during this session. The recording will provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced in treating uveitic glaucoma and the innovative approaches discussed by our distinguished panel.

The recording will be available here by the end of 2023.

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