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Science & Technology

Dazdotuftide (TRS) is a breakthrough immunomodulatory approach, based on a bio-inspired new molecular platform. It has the potential to effectively control a range of autoimmune and inflammatory ocular diseases, potently as steroids, but without the negative side effects.

Dazdotuftide (TRS) Mechanism of Action

Today, the only drugs available for treatment of ocular inflammation, target an individual cytoplasmic receptor or secreted protein, but ignore the complexity of the immune system, which results in many limitations of such products. Our synthetic, patent-protected compound (Dazdotuftide, formerly known as TRS) has a dual-target approach with a unique mechanism of action:

  1. Inhibition of the Nf-kB signaling pathway by Toll-Like-Receptor 4 (TLR4). Nf-kB is a transcription factor, whose activation is associated with inflammatory diseases.
  2. Induction of a shift of macrophages from a state of pro-inflammatory macrophages (M1) to a state of anti-inflammatory macrophages (M2), thus promoting resolution of inflammation.  

Both pathways play key roles in ocular inflammatory diseases.


Hope to See the Future

We believe that Dazdotiftude’s novel approach will have the ability to disrupt the autoimmune mechanism that causes the disease, thereby providing patients with a safe and long-lasting therapeutic effect, with the primary goal of saving their sight. This new mechanism of action will spare patients blinding complications that are associated with repeated usage of steroids, such as glaucoma and cataract formation. Finally, after 70 years since steroids were first administrated to treat ocular inflammation, Dazdotuftide is reshaping the medical solutions landscape and bringing us closer to a post-steroid era.  

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